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Illuminate your locks with the artistry of highlights at Wasan Salon in Houston, Texas. Our expert colorists bring a touch of sophistication and dimension to your hair, creating bespoke highlights that beautifully frame your face and add a sun-kissed glow.

At Wasan Salon, we offer a diverse range of highlighting techniques, from classic foil highlights to modern balayage, ensuring a customized look that suits your individual style. Using top-tier products and staying abreast of the latest trends, our skilled professionals elevate your hair color with precision and creativity.

Immerse yourself in the chic ambiance of our salon as our talented team transforms your tresses into a radiant masterpiece. Whether you desire subtle, natural-looking highlights or bold, statement-making streaks, Wasan Salon is your destination for personalized and stunning hair color. Book your appointment today and let us illuminate your hair with the beauty of perfectly crafted highlights.

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Elevate Your Style: Book Your Appointment at Wasan Salon Today! Discover personalized hair transformations with our expert stylists. Revitalize your look and embrace a new level of confidence!